Georgi Yanev

Georgi Yanev

Senior Software Developer @ Elisa Corporation

Helsinki, Finland
  • 👨‍👦 Father
  • 🏋️‍♂️ CrossFit athlete
  • 💻 Software Engineer
  • 🚁 FPV drone pilot, blogger, reviewer
  • 📝 Aspiring writer
  • 🏡 Smart Home Automation Enthusiast

I build websites, web apps, apps, tools and things that solve problems. I am convinced UX and web performance really matter and that high-quality solutions pay off over time. And I like designing high-quality solutions.

Currently working with:

React.js, Electron, Redux, TypeScript, Node.js,

JavaScript, React.js, ES6, PWAs, Gatsby,

Netlify, Git, Wercker, JAMstack

Other recent worthy mentions:

Contentful, Firebase, Gulp, Grunt

{ Hi }

I'm Georgi, software engineer. You can find me on twitter, github, twitch and linkedin.

I write code, solve problems and sometimes stream on twitch.

I love flying FPV drones, 3D printing, contributing to open source, and working on side projects such as

I also maintain a blog where I write about life, goals, software and flying FPV drones.

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One of the reasons I keep my teenage hip hop pseudonim to this day even in places like twitter and github, is because `jumpalottahigh` reflects my entire life - before, now and in the future - I've always been trying to jump ever so slightly higher, to grow, to evolve, to reach that next level!

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