Georgi Yanev

Georgi Yanev

Web Developer @ F-Secure

Helsinki, Finland
  • 🍼 Father
  • 💻 Software Engineer
  • 🚁 FPV drone pilot
  • 🏡 Smart Home Automation Enthusiast

Currently working with:

React.js, ES6, PWA, Gatsby

Other recent worthy mentions:

Vue.js, Nuxt, AMP, Handlebars, Gulp, Grunt


  • I love writing JavaScript and designing systems for the web
  • I am very excited about Web Components
  • I like to make things work on the web
  • I fight the performance battle one small win at a time
  • JAMstack developer

Latest GitHub Activity:

One of the reasons I keep my teenage hip hop pseudonim to this day even in places like twitter and github, is because `jumpalottahigh` reflects my entire life - before, now and in the future - I've always been trying to jump ever so slightly higher, to grow, to evolve, to reach that next level!